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This website may be of interest to you if …

  • you want to be ready for any occasion without having to buy countless items,
  • you want to take care of your skin and hair without having to spend a fortune, and follow 15-steps routine;
  • you want to read about timeless beauty and style tips… and find the ones that work best for you!

We do not always have the time and resources to take care of ourselves. Here, I would like to share with you my tips on how to simplify your beauty routines and save  money on beauty products and clothes.

Welcome to Cute, Classy, Cunning The 3 Dangerous C!

I would like to share with you a piece of my story. This will help you understand why I decided to start this blog. Some time ago, I experienced a difficult time. I was no longer sure about anything: my life choices, my job, the country I was living in… I was living day by day without a plan,  questioning everything my life had become, without being able to find a way out. I was actually sailing without a compass.

As my insomnia became severe,  I started to look very tired. Sleep deprivation, in fact,  affects  collagen growth, skin hydration, and skin texture. Simultaneously, I was losing lots of hair.

I was no longer able to perform at my best at work, and I started to feel less and less eager to interact with people. As a result, I was  coming across as socially unappealing to others as well. I was entering the loneliness spiral…

One morning, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I could barely recognize myself. What had I become? And why? I decided that I could no longer wait for a big change  in my life to happen: I had to start with the core of the problem, which was a LACK of SELF-CARE.

Changing a job, moving to another country, would not have solved the problem, because I would have repeated the same pattern in the new country and in the new work place  as well.

I came to realize that starting to treat myself well with little acts of self-care would have trained my brain to value me more. Those acts didn’t have to be big. In fact, small changes can change everything -it is the so-called butterfly effect! This very idea came from Lorenz, an American mathematician and meteorologist , who suggested that the flap of a butterfly’s wings might ultimately cause a tornado!

Why not counteracting the damaging effects of lack of sleep by nourishing my skin with good products? Why not fighting the stress-related hair loss by taking good care of my hair? Why not implementing a healthy (but still tasty) diet?

The big change started from there. I read several tutorials online, tried several products and beauty routines, before coming up with a skin and hair care routine that would be fast, affordable, and effective. After a couple of months of implementing these routines, my skin and hair condition had notably improved. I was still suffering from insomnia, but I definitely looked better, and this made me FEEL better.

Simultaneously, I worked on my “style” routine: instead of going shopping on sad days, and buy several items that I would not use more than three times in a year, I made a  list of timeless items that could flatter me on several occasions. That list includes classical items such as a pair of black ballerinas, white shirts, and a tube dress… 🙂

I believe that style has nothing to do with fashion. Style is forever! And of course, it  is very personal. We don’t need to follow fashion,  but rather,  develop our own style by playing with a few  good quality items.

I’ve decided to start this blog because I want my experience to be useful to those who have experienced  a similar situation. Helping yourself feels great, but being able to  help others too feels even better!

The goal of this website is to  help you in your wonderful journey to self-care. I will share with you all that I have learnt so far: from simple and effective skin  and hair care routines, to supplements, diet, and style tips.

I also hope that this blog will become a safe place where people could share their little acts of self care. Your experience can be of great help to others!

If you ever have any questions or want me to write about a specific topic, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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