A lipstick for a natural, sophisticated look

“On a bad day, there’s always a lipstick.”~Audrey Hepburn Great advice from the ultimate classy lady, never leave home without your lips on! While a deep red that’s chic, matte, and sophisticated is  timeless (and looks amazing on nearly every skin tone and every age),  a lipstick for everyday use  should be flattering, yet subtle. Read More

Transform your skin with Trulum Intrinsic Complex

Trulum Intrinsic Complex gives the skin the strength it needs to protect against and minimize the damage from sun exposure, pollution and other irritants. The most advanced formula for preserving the skin’s intrinsic luminance in the face of environmental contaminants, this innovative formula supports optimal skin function at the deepest level to help even and Read More

We must create our dream job

These are hard times, and it is getting more and more difficult to find a job. My parents and grandparents used to tell me: “you need to find a job!”. And I ended up applying for several jobs, never been quite sure about what my purpose really was. Quite often asking myself: “Is this it?”. Read More

The miraculous anti-aging Japanese facial massage

I have recently come across the miraculous Tanaka face massage, invented by Japanese make-up artist Yukuko Tanaka. This massage stimulates the lymph glands, thus speeding up the discharge of excess fluids and toxins from the face. Performed regularly, it will reduce wrinkles, lift the face, prevent and improve sagging skin,  reduce pore size, and improve Read More